Who we are …

We are a team of experienced software developers who played major leading roles in various customer-focused system and software developments.These experiences not just strengthen our services from the technical perspective, but also reinforce our customer-oriented culture in meeting users’ expectations.
We know that experience doesn't mean anything, therefore, we have never stopped learning and applying appropriate innovative technologies into our products.
Last but not least, we strive to develop applications that can help users in their daily lives, instead of changing users' routines to adapt the applications.

What we are doing …

Provide online and mobile apps for SMEs, in order to
  • reduce administrative workload and cost
  • reduce consumption of time and resources, such as paper usage
  • reduce technological burden on softwares
  • allow accessing to services anytime/anywhere, etc.

A simple but useful tool for performing user acceptance test (UAT).

C9UAT is a simple but useful tool for performing user acceptance test (UAT). It allows user to create project, add test items, invite testers and stakeholders to a project. Once a project is set, testers can update the test status and the result will be reflected to all project participants using the app.
Registration is free.
It is free and allows user to hold one project - a project can have two other testers, three stakeholders and ten test items. A project owner is already a tester and stakeholder. A tester need to be a registered user, and accept the invitation from project owner in order update any test status. However, stakeholder only requires to accept project owner's inivitation, but no need to be a user of the app if he/she only wishes to receive project report thru email.
Start testing ...
To start a UAT, just add a new project, fill in the basic information, such as project name, dates, priority, etc. Then Edit the project by adding test items into it. Invite testers and stakeholders to join the project using their email addresses.
Test status.
All current test status will be shown in Project Details. Update of major test status will be recorded and update of critical status will also trigger push notification to all logged-in project personnels (if push notification is turned on). Project owner can also generate project report from Project Details. The report will be in spreadsheet format (.xlsx) and send to all project personnels thru email.

A team collaboration focused project management service for non-management professionals.

C9Project is a simple and easy to use project management service focused on team collaboration. To use C9Project, you don't need to be a project management professional. All you have to do is to form your team, break down the project into tasks and assign each of these tasks to a team member. Then, let your team members update the task progress and you will get the summary of the project.
Registration is free.
Once registered, you can invite people to join your team (number of team members depends on the subscribed service level) and can also be a team members of other users at the same time.
Start a project.
To start a project, just add a new project with basic information such as project name, start and due date, priority, etc. A project checklist is also provided for any prerequisite that need to be met.
Adding task to project.
Insert project task with information like task name, start and due date, expected man-days, priority, contribution to project, and team member assignment.
Progress update.
Once assigned, team members can update their tasks progress, used man-days and remarks accordingly on their apps. Project owner can always get the current project's progress and summary through project details. [If allowed to receive push notification, project owner will be notified on progress update.]

An easy to use clock in/out service for small business.

C9Clockin is a service provided for logging clock in/out. It consists of 3 components:
The QR code.
A specific time-based QR code is used for clocking in/out, and the code is generated periodically with our C9Clockin QR APP.
Clock in/out.
C9Clockin APP scans the QR code and sends the information embedded in it (together with user’s location and timestamp) to the clock-in server for verification. The verification process then checks the validity of the information received and stores the computed result in the database.
Administrator can use the C9Clockin Admin app to administrate the subscribed service. The APP has functions for administrator to edit company information, such as name, timezone, and location; allows administrator to export clock in/out records in spreadsheet format; etc.

A simple day off management service for you and your team.

When use it alone, it can be your personal annual day off organizer, keeping track of the date, type and number of days you have taken over the year. At the same time, you can also collaborate with your team and use the app as your team’s day off manager. You can create your own team and invite team members to join.
As a team member, you can
  • seek team owner’s approval or just send a notification when applying day off
  • add supporting image, such as sick leave certificate, to your day off application
  • check your application status
  • view your annual day off summary
As a team owner, you can
  • create a team and invite members to join
  • approve/deny members’ day off application (if they requested)
  • receive notification (email and push notification) when members apply day off (if they choose to notify you)
  • view members’ annual day off summary

A simple tool for managing your own and your team’s expense reimbursement.

C9Expense is a simple tool for managing your own and your team’s expense reimbursement, especially designed for SMEs. It can be used to record your expense reimbursement. At the same time, if you invite your staffs to join your team, it can be used to approve your staffs’ reimbursement application, keep track of their reimbursement history, etc.
As a team member, you can
  • keep record of your expense
  • add supporting image, such as receipt, to each of your expense entry
  • submit your monthly expense to your team owner for reimbursement
  • check status of your expense reimbursement
As a team owner, you can
  • create your own team and invite staffs to join
  • review/approve/reject members’ application for reimbursement
  • receive notification (email / push notification) when member apply reimbursement
  • view members’ reimbursement history (in a 18-month period)

A simple online bookkeeping tool for debit and credit.

C9Book is a simple online bookkeeping tool made for SMEs. The functions include:
  • Accounts: Allows user to create accounts for debiting and crediting
  • Overview: Displays entries for selected account
  • Journal Entry: Records amount debit and credit to selected accounts
  • Ledger: Generates ledger with specified period of time
  • Chart: Generates annual amount and balance charts
 - The Original System
An online platform aims to help SME employers (in Hong Kong and Macao) on reducing employees’ auxiliary workloads under tight resources.
In most SMEs, due to limited resources, employees are always sidetracked by a lot of tedious office administrative works. For instance, filling leave application form and awaiting approval; approving leave application for subordinate; submitting expense reimbursement form; reporting project progress; etc.
We believe most of these works can be done easily with the help of digital technologies, and this brings us to the creation of C'Office - an online office assistant. The idea behind C’Office is the migration of office workflow onto the 'Cloud'. Such that, works can be captured, recorded and reported anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the cost for system installation, upgrade and maintenance can also be reduced.
C'Office includes a couple of functions: simple Personnel Management, Leave Management, O-chart, Bookkeeping, Expense Claim, Project Management, Tax form IR56B for HK SMEs, etc.
Next …
We will continue to develop more applications in order to expand our services, and to imporve users' work life qualities.
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